• Any 1 every had this problum Everything stock on bike Got to pull off quick...

    Any 1 every had this problum. Everything stock on bike. Got to pull off quick from traffic light and it's like the acceleration don't kick in so I let off throttle and go again then it's sweet ????

    • haha what tyres you got n it

    • i have done a 1000miles on my exhaust and it still does it

    • This exhaust was on my bike wen I got it and I've done 650 miles since I got it

    • I have stock front tyrer and bridgestone on back

    • best tyres evan honda recomend them are a set of mitchiln citys i just aint got the time to put mine on lol

    • U still on stock tyres then.

    • yeah just need to find somewhere local to change my tyres

    • Haha I hate stock 1 but ain't got time to change yet. It's horrible with it on the front dow slips all time

    • i no evan in the dry it still feel like they are sliding haha