• Any 1 got a set of tyres they don t need want anymore got a nail in mine and...

    Any 1 got a set of tyres they don't need / want anymore , got a nail in mine and need 1 ASAP please guy and girls

    • Where are you located?

    • Milton Keynes

    • I haven't binned my vee rubbers. You're welcome to em for postage as I'm in Yorkshire.

    • Ok, not to far then, I'm in South Bucks, I have a pair of OE fitment Vee Rubbers, done a few hundred miles.

    • Ivon Jennery price?

    • You can have them for free, but we need to sort collection/delivery. I'd like to do that away from the public forum?

    • My vee rubbers are free too only covered 75 miles as pure shite! Trouble here again is postage I'm in Gatwick area south East

    • We have another quality spare pair of pure shite vee rubbers at work

    • They're ok in the warm and dry, but poor when it's cold and or wet?

    • So that's any msx owner ballsed in the UK then

    • What's the cost of postage mate ?

    • Can find out at work tomorrow 4 you buddy

    • Mike E Edwards thanks mate u a legend :) I'll probly take both sets I know what it's like this time of year for shit on the roads I'll only need to replace it in a week hahaha

    • Milton Keynes yes?

    • This time of year you'll need more than just a tyre with those shitters fitted you'll end up through a frigging hedge mate

    • I know I know lol crash cage is coming lol and iv got Michelin pure power sc's coming next month just need somthing so I can ride to work lol ( it's not even far I just love riding my grom so much hahaha )

    • Pm me Joe your address buddy