Any 83 86 s in here Id like to get an idea of what to do Any info I should...


Any 83'-86' s in here. Id like to get an idea of what to do. Any info I should know about

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  • Replace the fuel lines, check your battery, get a spar regulator/rectifier, replace the coolant, change the oil, spark plugs, clean the carbs, drain the fuel, check the inside of the tank for rust, and don't use the kill switch...rust inside these old ones often cause it to be "killed" til disassembly and cleaning.

    And you'll need to choke it every time to start.

    Fill her up and goooooo forever!

  • Why cant I use the kill switch? It's home has always been in the garage when not ridden

  • Ok, if you know her history, that helps a lot.

    Mine, though cleaned many times, will leave me hanging. It's a small thing to me.

  • Ahh gotya

  • Ill keep that in mind

  • Appreciate it

  • 83 vt750.

    Work in progress

    Don't mind my messy shed lol

  • 85 and 85 1100's will lose third sometimes other gears if bang shifted with out the clutch or some say shifted to quickly. It can. Be due to shift fork damage or a flawed design with the gear itself. Personally my 85 doesn't have 3rd gear so I skip it I did alot of reading before buying the bike and there's guys who have 30-40k on them out 3rd gear.

    But they a 5 speed trans 87-96 ? Or so are 4speed trans . 85-86 have a higher compression ratio

  • The one I'm getting is just a 500. Its 83 with 20k. 6 speed

  • Nice

  • You only included years not a models.

  • I figured they would somewhat be in the same ball park

  • I don't believe any of my info is relevant in that case good luck and enjoy your bike

  • Right on thanks for the time