• Any bike meets in the Warwickshire area. Mainly towards Birmingham

    Any bike meets in the Warwickshire area? Mainly towards Birmingham ?

    • Only bassets etc but me and few mates got groms local about 6 of us and then all my monkey bike mates and the chop shoppers so in decent weather there's about 30 of us alone

    • And the you get the non Honda tag alongs too lol

    • Did you get your new bike?

    • Yeh

    • Team black now

    • Noooo haha better then none though I'm team yellow ha have to let me know when there's a bike meet would be good to have a cruise around the area don't know many places around here yet

    • Me and all my mates have bikes of sorts lol there's about 20 lads with peds and ybr,s,pit bikes just on my street