Any feedback on the MIGHTY MAX GEL BATTERIES. Much appreciated

Any feedback on the MIGHTY MAX GEL BATTERIES? Much appreciated.

  • This one I think that people use

  • My friend just bought it no complaints yet

  • Lithium FTW!

  • Lithium is pointless unless you're hooking up a bunch of stuff to it. 100 for a battery is a little much. Lol

  • Double the cranking amps, less then Half the weight, and will take FAR more deep discharges then a standard battery, and charges twice as fast in the event it actually we're to die....I'll pay the extra few bucks for lithium any day of the week. Lol.

  • Few bucks? Lol the mighty max is 28 lithium is 100 plus. A little more than a few bucks. Lol

  • Plus more cranking amps isn't always good. It'll be like using a battery that'll crank a V8 in a 4 cylinder engine which is pointless. Haha

  • I paid 130 for mine with the appropriate battery tender included. That including all the very apparent benefits lithium has over standard cells, again. I'll personally take lithium over the latter any day of the week lol

  • I have got this mightymax very good battery. $26 shipped.

  • I got this mighty max battery for my chuckus. Is it ok or should I have gotten the black one?

  • The black one is perfectly fine.

  • But this blue one is good too

  • Nice

  • Listen to expert

  • Even better. Thanks for the advice guys. I think it's just the picture though. I saw it and was like wtf lol

  • Jameson is going to be cranking over a Bullock 180cc, so he got the right battery for the job.

    More available amperage and less weight is a win/win. There is no way having extra cranking amperage can hurt you, even though many people think it can. The consumers (starter, lights, horn etc.) will only pull the amperage they need.

    The ability to deep cycle significantly more times without damage than a standard AGM or Gel battery is just icing on the cake.

  • I just went ahead and ordered the regular black mighty max off of ebay. In one week, no more kick starting.

  • AGM batteries (like the black Mighty Max) have more instantly available cranking power than the Gel (blue) battery. If you already have the blue one, keep it. Just be sure to toss it on a battery tender overnight once a week to make sure it gets a 100% full charge.

    Consistently being in a partially discharged state allows sulfation, which reduces power output and shortens battery life.

  • I should invest in one of those

  • My westco battery lasted 4 years even with it dying completely several times when I had stator issues. Never said it would cause a problem just stating it's not worth it if you're just running a motor and lights. Plus wouldn't an upgraded starter which I'm sure you need anyways for a bbk help more than a battery?

  • They sell the gell mighty max with a battery charger and 1 year warranty for $56 on

  • If you zoom in on the battery. It's states 6 amp his is taller and narrower. But less amps

  • I use the 9-bs power sport battery from napa. It has 240 cold cranking amps

  • How many does the reg black max have?

  • Probably standard 120 or so. Doesnt actually say on the battery which is weird

  • Yeah it doesnt say on the battery but i used a battery tester to find out the cca

  • Side note, Mighty Max has an awesome 1 year replacement warranty which I didn't expect from an inexpensive battery.

  • What battery tester tells you CCA? Post a link to the one you used.

  • They tested my battery at Advanced Auto with one of those. They do it for free.

  • I had some health issues and wasn't able to ride for six weeks. It took almost seven minutes of cranking the engine before it fired up and the battery never died down through all of that. A reliable purchase.

  • The same brand as Cobie Szigety but the smaller one.