Any geniuses on here I ve spliced new lights into the DRL on the indicators and...


Any geniuses on here I've spliced new lights into the DRL on the indicators and now the new lights ain't working any ideas?

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  • Have you used an Earth wire too

  • Yeah to the frame

  • Blown fuse

  • Swop wires over.

  • Every other light on the bike is working normal

  • Black with white stripe down is live isn't it

  • Black usually indicates negative (earth) but I've had to swop the wires over on led lights opposite to how the colours say they should work.

  • Worth a try.

  • Denise Parr bulbs? Or test them straight off the battery you won't need an earth connected

  • Swap the wires, led are single polarity, so if the wires aren't thr right way they won't work

  • Yellow or green is usually earth, black or blue is usually neutral and red or brown is usually live but the black can sometimes be a switch live

  • There LEDs.... Tried them on battery a couple of times before I fitted them to make sure they worked

  • Denise Parr did they work off the battery?

  • Yeah perfect

  • Denise Parr message me directly bud il try help you out

  • Did you get a low volt flasher. And if you use intergrated L.E.D. TAIL LIGHT you also need to replace the frount bulbs to L.E.D.s . You have to replace all three

    1. L.E.D. frount indicators

    2. L.E.D. Read indicators

    3.LOW VOLTAGE L.E.D. Flasher

  • You can use led flasher relay with both led bulbs and standard bulbs. I had switch back led bulbs in front and standard rears.

  • The new lights aren't my indicators there just extra light as the standard head light ain't really bright plus I'm sick of people in cars saying I didn't see you.... I just can't get my head around it I've tested them on the battery worked fine wired them up and they don't work

  • Can you not take live from the side light instead?

  • All sorted the splice connector hadn't gone deep enough to cause a full circuit