Any groms East Midlands fancy a ride out


Any groms East Midlands fancy a ride out?

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  • Yea if near notts

  • Boom! I am Notts way too

  • Few more local groms on msx east Midlands aswell

  • Just posted Jon. It's pending approval though... which sucks

  • Will take time on there hard to find any close to notts

  • Aye true, tazz it round for an hour tomorrow?

  • Busy tomorrow could do Xmas eve ride out

  • Safe

  • How does morning sound?

  • Sat morning sounds good just time n place

  • Safe

  • Could do early morning, where you based?

  • I have the 2016 sf too

  • Kirkby in ashfield early morning good

  • Beeston me

  • Where is half way?

  • Hucknall will be about half way or watnall

  • No problem. I can rag it to Hucknall. 9am?

  • Yea can do that the train station or tesco in hucknall to meet

  • Sounds good mate

  • Train station?

  • Yea in car park sounds good to me bud

  • You still up for a blast out tomorrow morning Jon?

  • Yea if weather holds out

  • Cool

  • What time again running late

  • 9am

  • I should be 9:10am

  • Just got to sort my daughter out so just be after you

  • At Hucknall tram station now buddy