Any idea how much a seized 500 motor is worth no idea whats wrong apart from...


Any idea how much a seized 500 motor is worth? idea whats wrong apart from its seized..

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  • Which motor? TI with auto tensioner is going to be worth slightly more in terms of parts than a CDI motor. I have bought "seized" CX motors which were in fact running motors and other seized motors which had ruined cranks/conrods/bores and were missing many internal components... rendering them essentially a boat anchor.

    Short answer is probably "not a lot" unless it has something you specifically want in it. It's fun to disassemble and do forensic analysis of what killed it, mind.

  • Thanks....and sorry its out of a GL500.

  • Doug Reubens What do you want it for?

  • Just as a spares motor if it was way beyond repair. It was from a GL that was stripped and used as a spares machine for another GL500.

    The owner has a GL front end I might get as its a bit beefier than the cx500 front end I have already.

  • What are they asking?

  • Told me to make an offer...hence the question..

  • Value depends on where you live , and how badly you need - and they want to get rid of it . I acquired a spare complete 500 motor - ex-runner with heads there but lifted - for $50.