• Any ideas on this engine noise Hasn t been ridden in about 3 months but turned...

    Any ideas on this engine noise. Hasn't been ridden in about 3 months but turned over regularly. Bout fully reconditioned from scmoto and wouldn't have put 6to -800 ks on it prob even less. Noise wasn't happening when last ridden.. oil level fine..

    • Shoulda got a ct 110

    • I work for post and our mechanic recons that the knock in these bikes is "normal" lol

    • Sounds like air is escaping

    • Yeah was more the screeching noise I was worried about getting serviced next week so see what happens.

    • Wanted electric start and fuel injected. Bikes fricken awesome.. just haven't had the chance to do the mods I want yet

    • Yeah my bike developed a rattle around the 2000km mark which was "normal" but it goes away after it warms up a bit. Is the screeching there all the time or only at start up?

    • By the sounds of the video it's not that awesome

    • Probably like most of the other postie bikes that have needed repairs.. or anything for that fact

    • Exhaust leak

    • Possibly exhaust semi blocked. Too restricted towards tail end of exhaust

    • It only happened yesterday AFTER it warmed up. But it has been sitting for a few months so thought something might just be dry. I changed oil and threw new fuel and some valve lubricator in took for a quick run and haven't heard it since maybe it just needed a decent ride

    • ThaNks guys it's gone for now so maybe it just needed a good run I changed oil etc also. I will get it serviced next week and let them know.. to me it sounded like a squeeking bearing noise so who knows

    • Sounds like a rod bearing going

    • Not a rod bearing.. If you hear it going it would already be gone

    • Electric start staying on