• Any lads in the UK motovlog on the grom Would love to start but find UK so...

    Any lads in the UK motovlog on the grom? Would love to start but find UK so dull lol

    • Royal Jordanian is London based and he's quality

    • I used to chat to RJ on the Nuda forums when i had mine, sold mine n bought my first msx then he got one lol.

    • I think it's easier to motovlog in the US, because of the obvious reasons, but it's still bikes on roads in the UK. I watch some UK riders, it just depends on the content and the person.

    • I dont vlog but just record myself getting slightly better at doing the same shit over and over again. I havent made any new vids recent as been to dark but I will be back at a video a week soon


    • What do you all think makes a good motovlogger? what sort of content would you want to see?

    • I would do it but where i live is really boring

    • There's Ashbandicoot

    • It's really hard to put a finger on. My favourite motovlogger is BakerXDerek, he's a funny motherfucker, does relatively interesting stuff. Has a couple cool bikes. Just kind of arses about and goes exploring.

    • Fooligan, GromieBear and PhotoGromer are probably the most known GromVloggers in the US and worldwide. Over here it's a little harder to get to that level.... RT and RJ are probably your best bet at the moment..

      Also Tudor has a YT Grom channel, there's a vid of vid of him explaining how to install the rose joints. Do give it a checkout, got good content on there

    • Every motovlogger is a douche

    • yeah bakerxderek was first motovlogger and will always be fav lol - love way to talks and says shit lol

    • fooligan is a G

    • And i got tudors rose joint quality stuff but mines rusted now and feels iffy :(

    • Nothing a lil WD40 can't sort out

    • i am appalled with myself for not actually thinking of wd40 in first place.. lol

    • Can't tell if it's sarcasm

    • hahha no im being dead serious i didnt even come across my mind haha

    • The agro road rage baiting fuckers are the opposite, they piss me off, absolute click bait.

    • example - snowcat

    • Yes, complete plum! One that was a surprise was Lee Stuart, a cool dude, brilliant cinematography, second to none, almost no followers compared to all the big boys, but he stunts a Harley! And is real mellow.

    • Nothing worse than those, there is a fair few in US

    • RJ is a popular one!

      This video features the MSX Owners Club on one of our small runs! Tudor at the end with the killer handshake


    • RJ, Baronvongrumble, and geordiebiker are only uk vlogger i watch!