Any love for the posties cousin Fixing up a ct125 for a tour of tassie on CTs...


Any love for the posties cousin? Fixing up a ct125 for a tour of tassie on CTs and AG bikes this summer. anyone got a decent source for parts ? It's reasonably complete, just a little tired

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  • Learnt to ride on one !

    Dad salvaged one from a tip in hunter valley in the early 90's.

    Still going now !

  • John Collins

  • Steve Marsh this is what those forks are off.

  • Where you guys headed too? I'm in Hobart!

  • Got a running, complete one in good nick if anyone is looking for one!

  • Scott Butler same as my old one.

  • catching the spirit across. the plan is pretty much devonport and down choosing which way day by day. the machines will set the pace and the destinations. hopefully we will make it to Hobart, tag alongs at any stage are very welcome

  • Love my 125. Best bike ever

  • Loved that thing

  • My first bike was 1982 ct185. Brilliantly versitile bike, but really didn't like 80km/h +. -10 rear sprocket helped, would recommend for riding on the road.

  • Laughlin Oldham

  • Interested. Details/price/

  • Sorry, Patrick Rose just saw this post. Can get some pictures and details if you like. Bike belongs to my old man off his farm. Have a look at the pics and make him an offer.

  • ok

  • PM'd you some pics Patrick Rose

  • PM'd back