any mechanic lol 2003 yamaha r1 starts up but cuts strait out says its summin...

any mechanic ? lol 2003 yamaha r1 .. starts up but cuts strait out says its summin to do with the alarm been pulled out of it caused it recon this is true ? or recon it cud be summin more serious ?

  • Under the seat by the fuse box there is two white (usually) connectors on the loom. They are the immobilisation points for a factory loom to connect to. Just need to link them put and it should work

  • Should come up with fault code if furling is fucked

  • Update . He says it fires up first time but then after couple mins cuts out he thinks its to do with alarm

  • Won't be the alarm, not after a couple of minutes, even on carbs it would not run that long, and even then it wouldn't restart easily as the bowls would be empty, how easy does it restart, does he have to leave it, could be the coil breaking down or pickups failing under load

  • Any of them summin to serious to bother getting bike ?

  • How easy does it restart?

  • i have new information now .,, yes wen it cuts out it fires strait bak up again he has just shown me on phone so can hear it .. it was cutting after a minute but he has just put a new fuel pump on it and now says it fires up and stays running for about 6 mins he even rode it down the street but then it still cut out again

  • origionally he says he been told its probably the imobiliser but he went for a new fuel pump ? seems weird the running time has increased since new fuel pump but problem of cutting out is still there

  • Possibly a fuel pressure regulator? Won't be the immobiliser, more tests need to be done, can a bulb/testlight/meter be wired over the fuel pump terminals to see if the pump is dropping off?

  • no idea mate lol its just info being passed to me as im swapping my bike for it but if all goes to plan it will be here with me tonight late hours so ill know alot more then