• Any msx for a swap

    Any msx for a swap

    • I put £1.92 in earlier lol that will get around 100 miles ridden steady

    • Eddie Spagedy

    • What swing arm is that

    • Sell it. You'd get the cash for a Grom and then some.

    • What's it's top speed ?

    • Faster than a grom I bet

    • Would be the right size for him lol

    • 75 ish

    • Defo faster then the grom

    • If I still had mine...in a heart beat

    • I'm tempted lol is that bad

    • What's insurance like? And reason for swap? :)

    • I have it down as a 150cc even tho its reg as a 90 still and i got it for £70 fully comp ive had it built from scratch and its fantastic but i want a msx now

    • Might consider will let you know thanks :)