Any one have a wiring diagram for the head lights Or know if its in the...

Any one have a wiring diagram for the head lights? Or know if its in the service manual and on what page? I have it in pdf. On my computer but dont have time to riffle through it right now. I bought new head light bulbs and a new tail light. I put the new head light bulbs in but did not hook up the tail light. So I started up the x and turned on the head light and they didnt light up. I noticed all the wiring was bunched up and electrical taped so I started digging in and this picture is what I found. Some of the wiring appears to have been replaced with car audio speaker wire which I am not to happy about. I plan on replacing the wire with correct air and wanted a diagram to make sure everything is connected the way it should be. I have only found one broken wire so far and making a connection with that made no change. Thanks for any help you can provide

  • so even with out the voltage regulator it should still be putting out voltage from the ac regulator correct?

  • Yes. It would be too much voltage for the head lights to work tho. They will come on at an idle, but as soon as you give it throttle it will burn the lights out.

  • ok thanks

  • i found someone willing to sell me a entire harness and voltage regulator for a good price

  • Ley me know if you need anything else. I don't mind with the help

  • thanks my harness is a mess the guy i bought it from was clearly a hack im going out to test it for power now i have all the bulbs removed at the moment

  • i got 14.5 volts on my meter when testing the white and yellow and green wire so that should be good im just going to have to sit tight until i can change the hatrness and hook up the voltage regulator