Any one use continental contimove365 tyres My front tyre has a strange ware...

Any one use continental contimove365 tyres? My front tyre has a strange ware pattern

  • Yeah I don't think they are meant to look like that then normally have a gap in the middle one sec will get a photo of mine

  • How many miles you done on them?

  • Oh yeah they look worn so I would replace them

  • What tyres pressure you running and how many miles has that tyre done

  • Did you lock the front by any chance?

  • Is worn opposite sides on every tread, I do have a new one to go on , don't know what mileage this tyre has done, have another contimove365 to go on just want to know if it's going to do the same,

    Front wheel balanced fine, all spaced up correctly and torqued to spec,

    Not locked the front up as the wear would only be in one place

  • Any vibrations in the handle bars? If wheels are balanced then id look into the forks. Any hard impacts lately? I notice the groms do bottom out the forks very easily

  • Its extreamily common on cars for "nobbled" and soft tyres to wear like this not sure about bikes

  • Got Contis on mine - they have done about 300 miles so far and look fine

  • My rear looks like that and so does the new front tyre

    Going to chuck it on tomorrow and double check the front end tonight when I fit new brake lines and the tyga pipe