Any reason my mates ct won t start

Any reason my mates ct won't start?

Checked fuel, fine.

Checked spark, fine

Checked air, fine.

Valve clearences are perfect

Lights do come on for a

Second when kicking over,

I did have the flywheel off yesterday, going to remove side cover and inspect flywheel again tomorrow. Hmm

  • There isn't any indicators on the cam sprocket though?

  • There should be a "O"

  • There should be a "O"

  • Ok no problem I'll Suss that asap thank you, it was weird I looked for an indicator for so long couldn't find one hey!

  • Legend!! Thanks mate!

  • Line up the crank through the top hole in the stator cover, line up the "T" mark on the flywheel

  • Yep I've done them a zillion times on crf50s it just absolutely left my mind on something I should check for some reason haha

  • Update on this, re done the timing on the cam sprocket, runs like a dream, the ct Facebook page prevails again