Any recommendations on a good screen cleaner

Any recommendations on a good screen cleaner

  • Wet towel method.

  • Is that the MRA?

  • Yes it is

  • I use upholstery cleaner watered down about 5 parts water and one part cleaner in a spray applicator. Spray on and leave, and again, then wash off. Gone.

  • Muck off bike cleaner does a great job

  • Dishwasher

  • How does it compare to the standard or touring screen??

  • I just hope you had your mouth closed during that ride....

  • Just replace that one!

  • Kärcher

  • Proteine from insects will become more important for our nutrition in the future - Asia has understood this long ago... Probably that is why screens on motorbikes from Asia are short enough to protect riders from starvation...

  • Nice diner!!!

  • Mr sheen