Any rides tomorrow. Saw one earlier but can t find it now

Any rides tomorrow? Saw one earlier but can't find it now.

  • Charlie Reeves was talking about one down Brighton way. I was hoping there would be one London/boxhill way.

  • I'm meeting a few people down Maderia Drive in Brighton for 11 ish.... Gonna fuck about for a bit - wheelies etc, could head up to Boxhill aswell

  • Think I'll head down there mate, their a particular part maderia you meet?

  • Ah cool, ain't seen ya since Boxhill when met Dave aswell lol and sort of yeah lol - as you go down Maderia from the pier side, your see some cafes on the left, and then a bike parking space just after - we normally meet around there.... If for any reason Maderia is closed off today, I'll inbox you my number now, so gimme a call if you get down here

  • Charlie had to put my baffle back in my exhaust so I'm a little quite today still loud when I wanna be but loud continually haha

  • You sausage. Remove the fucking baffle

  • Got pulled over mate you know what eastbourne po po are like you rev a little a bit to get it into neutral and they say your to loud remember it's town where people come to die haha

  • Hahahaha very true

  • The police harsh down Brighton? Should I put my proper sizes number plate on?

  • Nah Brighton are fine. I run a 7x5 with no issues

  • I would come if i didnt have a shitty ybf

  • Was gonna ring you but wasn't sure if you had the Repsol one yet or not

  • Not yet mate

  • If ya fancy the journey then come on the ybf lol

  • Lemme know when you get the Repsol one

  • Yeah i might come , summing to do init , Alex if you wanna ride up that way can meet you a dobles? Dowt ill be able to keep up on this shitter tho

  • Dave Meet you on the way from mine you mean?

  • If you do go to box, let me know and I'll pop down.

  • Will try let you know.. My phones internet don't always work, but will see if someone can drop you a message

  • I'm running late just leaving now lol

  • I thought this was tomorrow , cant make it today , have fun