• Any suggestions on tires for a 2005 spirit 1100 Online dealers My tires look...

    Any suggestions on tires for a 2005 spirit 1100? Online dealers? My tires look good but dry rot. Thank you

    • Shinko

    • 65$

    • Michillen commander II

    • As well the Michelin commander gives excellent millage. 12,000 plus. Depending on the type of riding you do

    • Brand new to biking. I just want something that gives a good ride and will last. I will do a good bit of interstate riding. Thank you.

    • Ya I heard the round ones work best

    • I put the Shinko 777 HD on mine. Front and rear. And though I love the fact that they have a stiffer ride. They do tend to get a little loose when they start to get broken in. But all in all, i have gotten excellent wear and wet weather traction

    • I put Shinko 234s on mine from Motorcycle Superstores! Great tire for the price! $89 for rear and $59 for front! Put 1000 miles on them and the little nipples aren't even wore off yet!!!

    • Be aware many places won't put tires on that you bought elsewhere because of insurance liability. Especially dealers-