Any suggestions or input on half helmets would be appreciative I am in search...


Any suggestions or input on half helmets would be appreciative!! I am in search of a half helmet and having a hard time finding one ( how should they fit good brand but not too pricey) I am not sure how it should fit I try them on but they all seem to sit funny like only on the crown of my head. I wear a small in my full helmet but would like a half helmet when really hot out please any help would be greatly appreciative Thank You!

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  • also I read that something lime 78% of all head injuries that occur in motorcycle accidents happen to the lower part of the face

  • Even though I picked up a half as a second helmet,so I can take my daughters on rides.

    I give them the the full face helmet. I do feel safer with my full face shield helmet.

  • look at the new "Modular" helmets

  • My safety instructor recommended the full face helmet. If you go down in a wreak it may save your face from reconstructive surgery. Just something to think about next time you look in a mirror to brush your teeth or comb your hair or apply makeup.

  • This is what I wear...good helmet is a medium price range... iz-helmet

  • Lidl ....! Shop they have the best 1 for next to nothing. .... 50€

  • Here is the best prices I have found

  • Thank you all :)

  • Wel it's like this .

    I think if it has the European stamp Oke go get one with a bigger price tag it's still same peace of rubbish and the same stamp...

  • Kinda of ironic. My coworker just told me her daughters friend was riding no helmet this past weekend and crashed. Now I'm coma with bleeding on brain :-(