Any tricks for starting a cold 350x Mine wears me out every time I try...


Any tricks for starting a cold 350x? Mine wears me out every time I try starting it. Any tips or tricks would be great, thanks.

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  • Something is wrong w the carb prob dirty or there's a compression issue

  • Perhaps a dirty slow jet... clean the Carb. If its when its really really cold out, try taking the sparkplug out and heating it then put it back in and try to start it. Newer plug? Gap correct?

  • get it right .... tuning ... rebuild ... and it will fire right up cold or hott

  • I have a ngk iridium plug...that helps..also get a hot wire....from thunder prouducts

  • a trick i use on my 400ex turn the idol up just a dad. boom hit fire button and idol in any temp

  • Here's how I start mine and it starts usually on the first kick. Turn on the kill switch. Pull up the choke all the way. Turn the gas on. With no throttle, run the kicker thru the stroke to get it on TDC on the compression stroke. Get up on that kicker and kick it like you mean it with all your weight. Putt, putt, putt, and take the choke back to halfway and let it idle till warm.

  • New plug helped mine

  • Okay i'll try a little of everything. I appreciate the help!

  • I JUST had to tighten the valves on my buddies.. Otherwise it only started by pulling behind another Wheeler... It's easy just look at a video on you tube.. Clean carb n new plug.