Anybody ever take the rims and tires off a Harley and put them on your shadow

Anybody ever take the rims and tires off a Harley and put them on your shadow...? If so is the process difficult? And if you have post some pictures..

  • Nope they don't have my size

  • Front is 120/90-17 rear is 170/80-15

  • You can run a little larger too on these bikes. Generally plenty of clearance

  • How much larger tho that's the thing I don't want it to rub

  • What shadow do you have?

  • 1998 American classic edition

  • Not too familiar with it.. but you can easily just look around the tires to see what kind of clearance u have now

  • I'm not too comfortable making that kinda call lol

  • Bill i bet youve dabbled with this on your builds. I find ive been able to go rather large on my c3 bikes and hondas in general

  • A 200 will fit the Sabre. (rear)

  • What are you trying to accomplish by wanting to do this?

  • I just want new rims that aren't gonna cost me an arm and a leg

  • check out ebay...usually lots of rims/wheels/.....putting harley wheels on your honda will require machining the axles...different sizes...not just a bolt-on type of deal.

  • I figured

  • So basically most motorcycle rims are the same except Harley? Just wondering myself cuz I would like to take the spoke rims off my vlx600 and find some nice chrome aluminum rims. The spokes no matter how many times I clean the rust off it always comes back.

  • No the only thing they have in common is the size of the migraine they cauase

  • Same here

  • Some harley front wheels will bolt right on. There are posts all over ahadow forums of leople who have done just that. Some wheels the axels need to be turned

  • there is a lot more to think about than axle size and how it will look....are you keeping the same diameters, then ok for ride height and front/rear weight ratio, and fender clearance, but how about brake location? spacers? If you're going to a taller front wheel, then fender clearance, fork leg length, distance from radiator at full suspension collapse, front/rear wight ratio, kickstand length, brake location, spacers...for example...take a look at the shadow ...with a spoke front wheel such as on the ACE, the disc brake is on the left...on a spirit with mag wheels, the disc is on the right...can you just turn the wheel around? perhaps...has anyone done it...I'm sure they have...can you find them and pick their brain...well, good luck with that. Are you the kind of guy that just figures it out as you go along and can accept a long downtime while you experiment?

  • Bought it from a dude who put a harley duce rear rim and disc set up.

  • Following. I have an '00 750 ACE that I'd love to replace the spoked wheels with alloys or chromes! (Brake disk placement? Rear brake spacing/replacement? Chain alignment) Several issues to be addressed besides just wheel replacement.