Anybody have a picture of 2014 2015 honda 420 on 32 backs

Anybody have a picture of 2014-2015 honda 420 on 32 backs?

  • Yes I have Don's Kit

  • I have miles in the rear with no trimming and the front rubs at full lock

  • In front is there way to make it not rub bc it's Mt son's 420 and he won't know any better not to b able to turn it sharp

  • all it rubs is plastic inner fender

  • No Don it's actually rubbing the metal tube for the floorboard brace

  • Ooh alright. Don Oglesby. Do u have any rad relocate mounts for 14 420. I don't need the front plate bc My son wants Optimus prime emblem so just need the side and the mountings to front

  • $290 shipped

  • Not touchin any plastic to speak of just that tube I know a guy who cut that section of the brace off and said his 32.5 laws didn't rub and his floorboards were still solid

  • I had to cut that metal.tub on my 12 foreman with the 31 skinnies

  • Yea it's a bit different than the older model it's a piece of 7/8 or 1" tubing. Me personally I just left it there because the tires won't hurt it. It's very solid. But if I cut it nothing is stopping the tires from eating the plastic if something happened and it flexed bad. So personally if just leave it there worst case is his tire hits it when he turns sharp. It's not gonna hurt that tube