Anybody have any luck with those 30 stereos on ebay

Anybody have any luck with those $30 stereos on ebay?

  • Lol so true Lance! So true!

  • What's the porthole situation in Rochester MI? Maybe I'll move there! Lol

  • I have to say no better by the time Michigan fixes a pothole it's winter again

  • When I was up there (Rochester NY), the roads are better than where I live here in pa. I go up there once yearly and love the roads.

  • They probably fix em by the time your way up here. When do you make your way here?

  • It depends. Usually in June or July. I stay at my friend's house for vacation for a few days to a week. He lives near the border of Greece and Rochester. But in Rochester.

  • Nice. I grew up in Irondequoit. Pretty close to there. Moved out to the country though. Much quieter.

    Yeah by June or definitely July they usually have most of it patched up.

  • Ah okay. Lol.

  • Danny Harris Pmcf what you want for that light bar? I'm in Iowa

  • $30 + shipping