Anybody have this on their 350x. I wanna see it on the bike


Anybody have this on their 350x? I wanna see it on the bike.

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  • Derek Quinn, thanks! I'll be swapping to the 400 carb too after I get done with my motor.

  • The mod isn't too hard. There's a couple things that can make it go easier than just going into it cold. I think it's the 300EX intake manifold that is the direct mate up with the 400EX carb outlet and the 350X cyl head. I just carved out part of my snorkel tube vs. melting/forming it to accommodate the choke. My airbox already had holes drilled in it so it's not a factor. And I just used regular grease to get the air hose to slip on to the carb intake.

  • I know I like the old ones but they are hard to come by. Gotta do stupid bids on eBay.

  • True, it's amazing how HIGH some guys go on stuff. I've seen killer deals on rims/tires. By the time it's done, outta my price range.

  • I've got a friend of mine that knows these good. He's got the 400 carb, 82mm Wossner piston with a cam and rockers to match up. Runs like hell. That's what I'm doin. He also has the old Supertrapp.

  • If anybody has a pic of the one I posted above I'd like to see it.

  • Looks like it may be as long as a Cobra on the 350x. Thanks for the pic Red Rider

  • I posted a better pic if it but it seems too have been removed.

  • U tried. I appreciate it.