Anybody here replace there factory headlight with a fan cooled led bulb


Anybody here replace there factory headlight with a fan cooled led bulb? Have a few questions.

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  • Yes, I have the Cyclops LED headlight bulb in my VLX.

  • How right of a fit was it? I put one in my phantom and I'm pretty sure it's against the wiring inside the headlight assembly. I'm concerned it might melt wires.

  • The bulb itself fit inside thew headlight bucket fine. The problem for me was the bail spring that held the halogen bulb in wouldn't work, the fan was too large for it to fit around. It was a slight pain to make sure the wires were not trapped against the bucket and bulb fan, but it did fit on my bike. I just made sure the wiring was routed around the backside of the bucket away from the fan.

  • What size headlight is on your bike? Mine is a 5 3/4" headlight.

  • Yes

  • I will when i get mine out of storage. I baught a pair last winter, one for the Wr250r, one for the shadow.

  • ?... Yours is a 5 3/4" too? Even if it is it should fit ok and not be a problem as long as you check the routing of the wiring.

  • This is what i got but with a h4 plug

  • Hmm.. the ballast is much larger than the one I have. The Cyclops ballast is about 1"-1 1/4" in diameter. Plus i don't have the inline connector like that one does. Mine is just a single wire from the bulb thru the ballast to the H4 connector. I can see where that setup might be a tight fit.

  • It was a perfect fit barely lol the rubber boot was the only modification

  • Yes, I did have to leave the rubber boot off. Not a big deal for me as I don't clean the bike with water/hose, and don't ride in the rain unless I happen to get caught out in it.

  • Do y'all know if the led bulbs work with the headlight modulator?

  • i was able to fit my ballest and fan led fine on my 07 aero

  • IDK the bucket size but it was a struggle to fit everything in there and it's the same size as the cyclops one.

  • There is a ton of wiring in the back of the bucket that I'm pretty sure the fan of led is touching but can't see in there once it's installed. I just don't want it to get hot and burn wires

  • I put the opt7 in my 02 Sabre last week.

  • That's the same bulb I bought. Didn't fit with room in the bucket?

  • Mine fit fine I had allot of room.

    I wasn't able to re use the dust boot it wouldn't fit over the heat sink and fan.

  • Me neither but I'm not to worried about that. I never fly down gravel roads or alot of water. I'm just worried if there is alot of heat output.

  • Also I was able to use the restraining bail but I had to fish it in place slowly

  • Heat output did you feel how much heat comes off of the halogen?

  • Yes same here. Very gentle but was able to spread it around.

  • Yes I know the leds are cooler but IDK how much heat comes out of that fan. I just don't want it to burn wires if there touching it

  • Oh, I doubt it's going to get that hot.

    I ran a test on how much current both bulbs draw.

    The halogen used three to four times the current.

  • Wow. I new it was alot but not that much. I do alot with electrical on cars but never dealt with led headlights.

  • On high beam the LED pulled 1.8 Amps.

    The halogen on high beam pulled 4.7 amps.

    Both at 13.3 volts on a bench power supply

  • That's impressive

  • On low beam the LED pulled .900 Amps.

    And the halogen pulled 3.8 Amps.