Anybody in here with a Shadow 600 VLX Deluxe ever go on long road trips and...


Anybody in here with a Shadow 600 VLX Deluxe ever go on long road trips, and would you recommend it? Pic for attention

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  • The 600 will bang on all day everyday ...done load of 500/1000 mile long weekends with mine & she is a '94 model - it's down to the rider not the Shadow.... :-)

    Go for it....

  • From Randers (Denmark) to Stettin Polen and back

  • People who complain about them are wusses. I am 6" 1' and 215lbs. Rode it for 9 years. Not the preferred touring vehicle, but if you only take one or two long trips per year, you ride what you got. Get some slip-on anti-vibration grips and it will make it a bit more comfortable. If it had a 5th gear, I would probably still own one.

  • Yes it will manage fine at normal hi way speeds

  • Montana to Oregon

  • the 4-speed work around town but on more gear would be awesome

  • I travelled 600 miles in two days on a vlx 400 so enough said

  • I rode to Pensacola and back from Atlanta. 600mi round trip on a 750 Areo. 150cc isn't going to make that big of a difference. I don't do interstates because back roads are so much more fun and scenic. I'd ride this bike from Atlanta to L.A. Just with a lot of stops. :P

  • Have a vt750 now.Great honda also but still think the vlx is the bike you can really rely on.Look after it and it will look after you

  • That's a beautiful ride. You go through Valdosta?

  • Micah Skelton I took 431 down through Auburn. then through Tuskegee and stayed overnight in Troy. Then the next day rode into Pensacola. On the way back I took the same route looking to pass through Cheaha Mountain as a detour but ran out of time and was freezing my kiester off. I learned on that trip that my cold weather gear was insufficient. lol

  • OK so you took the hill route. That's a nice route as well, lots of neat old buildings through Troy.

  • my father has a vlx 600, what is a long ride. my pops and I do 5-700 each run with no problems. which is a days worth of riding.

  • i'm on a 750. only problem he has is every 60-80 miles we looking for a gas station for him.

  • I get 200km (125miles) on my 750 shadow before looking for gas. Have never had to use reserve.

  • Yeah tanks a bit bigger on the 750

  • i can get 140-150 thats including res.