Anybody in the Illinois area or maybe 1 state over got a used 420 engine that s...

Anybody in the Illinois area or maybe 1 state over got a used 420 engine that's still got good life to it. Found major issues with mine and best way is to just find another life source for it.

  • Ya that was the plan originally. It was rebuilt about a couple years ago and ran fine but now it's back to burning the oil. So honestly don't know if the guy we sent the motor to done it right or just done what he thought was right and then charged us. You figured $1000 for a rebuild should of done the trick but I guess not

  • Ya I don't have a budget that big!

  • Good luck

  • Gosh damn! I spent 200 for the kit and 60 bucks to have it machined but you can't blame the guy, some machine shops will try to get by with honing it out to size instead of boring it correct then honing it so the rings seat. Boring it keeps it squared with the piston stroke. Sounds like they honed it since it took it a while, might wanna just do it yourself, it's easy as riding a bike

  • Ya well with school and no cash at the moment then she's just gonna have to sit. It's a well used machine and I hate to drop another $1000 in it

  • I hear that, I'm working on my bikes differentials and got a 350 chevy build going on plus a pos daily I'm constantly fixing on and highschool just adds on ha, but you can fix it right for cheap and you'll know what's in it and how it was done

  • Get an oversized plug

  • Also the tranny is getting weak to if anybody has info on what's good for that

  • Probably clutches but if it's smoking and stuff it could just be having power loss due to the rings

  • Ya I had the same idea. Thanks for the input. When the time comes it will be done right