Anybody know how or can provide a link for a video in removing the ignition...


Anybody know how or can provide a link for a video in removing the ignition swtich on a 03' spirit so I can take it to get a new key made. Lost my key in the rain two days ago. Looked at taking the helmet lock off but it looks to be welded.

*locksmith want $115 to come out but only 50 if I bring the bike to them or the swtich.

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  • No I do not have a trailer.

  • Yup. According to the Clymer manual. Maybe you can just replace them with regular 10mm? Hex head or something to keep a low profile. Don't really see why not....

  • It may be cheaper to pay the locksmith

  • Sounds like I should just pay the 115 and get AAA to reimburseme for the 100 that they said they will reimburse me for.

  • If you get that much back, it would be cheaper than any other option. Easier too

  • That's the way to go . You are out of $15.00

  • Yea, my AAA cover up to 100 bucks in locksmith cover anything over you pay for without reimbursement. Guess I'm making a phone call in the morning.

  • Thanks for the "advice" guys. Allowing me a moment to think this out before I ended up tearing my bike up. Lol

  • Please get extra keys

  • Yea unfortunately they will probably only cut one key for the price I will be paying in the morning. Thus, I will have to try not to misplace/lose this key until the first then I will get another made.