Anybody made axle slider. Seen a few with skateboard wheels

Anybody made axle slider? Seen a few with skateboard wheels?

  • Kitaco hollow Axel Gavin Greenall sells them. Then the skateboard wheels are bolted to the end

  • Yup what he said ^^

  • What sorta price are they? :)

  • I think about 35 a shaft

  • Yep 35 a shaft or you could just buy the h2c axle sliders we do at £29.99 a wheel plus get 10% off that price

  • Dark knight Street mate

  • Word of warning with skateboard wheels, aim for something with a hard durometer. They'll have a number and an 'A' 'B' and sometimes 'D' rating. Softer wheels will grab and cause the bike to flip. Same with sharp lips. Something around 99A or harder with a round lip will work absolutely fine.

    The LOK sliders from Dark Knight Street are really good though. Come with a longer rear axle, then just re-use the old rear on the front.