Anybody notice their Rancher 4x4 pulling to one side Noticed that my 08 that I...

Anybody notice their Rancher 4x4 pulling to one side? Noticed that my 08 that I just bought pulls hard to the right when driving through my neighborhood. Is it normal?

It came with ITP mudlites.

  • Lol OK

  • On paved surfaces (guessing on the neighborhood) anything is very noticeable, especially if it's in 4x4. Everything is an easy check though. Just jack up the front end and start turning and shaking things to see if there is any binding or play in the wheel.

  • It will only take a couple pounds differance in the tires for it to pull to one side. You can't really tell by looking at it.

  • Thanks friends. Gonna check it out tomorrow. It's a great running machine. Ready for years of trouble free miles!

  • This dude is stupid if he thinks an axle doesn't have anything to do with going to one side. If it's not tire pressure or the toe, and the wheel bearing isn't making any noise or excessive movemnt it's the axle. My buddy has the mud lights on his rancher. 26' s 2014, rode it a little too hard started pulling to the right then a few miles down the road the bearing came out of the boot closest to the wheel ,look up your bikes year make and model on amazon and get both axles for the price of 1.

  • If you have a broke axle it will pull hard, its probably just something simple..

  • If it's an axle it will be more noticeable. I've only broken one axle and it was on a 300 and it damn near wouldn't turn at all (I don't know about a 420 in 2wd) I'd start with checking the air in the tires. Make sure the front tires are the same and make sure the back tires are the same. If that doesn't solve the problem then I'd go to the brakes. It shouldn't the anything to sweat over.

  • The 2007 and 2008 420 Rancher had a recall on the front axles because of the CV joints. If that recall has never been done it is very possible that could the issue. It's hard to say though without checking stuff out.

  • If the right tire had less air in it, would it pull to the right? Or would it pull towards the side with more air?

  • It will pull toward the side with less air.