• Anybody out there got some videos of their hmf on their 420 Thinking about...

    Anybody out there got some videos of their hmf on their 420? Thinking about buying one..

    • Big gun eco on my 2013 420. Cheaper and sounds better than an hmf. Not to mention has two different sized quiet cores if it's too loud for your taste. Pipe comes with the smaller one

    • At idle mine sounds almost stock.

    • Mine too minus right when I crank up my bike

    • I have to buy the whole exhaust cuz I have a 2014 420.the pipe and optimizer is more than what I saw the hmf and optimizer going for

    • You get what you pay for. Everyone has the hmf and they're too obnoxiously loud. Big gun sounds stock until you get on the throttle and then you turn some heads lol

    • Yeah I just don't wanna break the bank with a grand on just exhaust

    • So the big gun is reasonable loud and sounds good the hmf is just anoyying and way to loud? It sound to me like the big gun is deeper as well

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    • Jody how do you like it? It to loud?