Anybody selling a liquid cooled head for a 350

Anybody selling a liquid cooled head for a 350?

  • Gary L. Herren might turn loose of one?

  • Im all ears. Lets talk.

  • He is the hoarder of all things cool for these buggies.

  • Joshua Davis Thanks Im gonna message him.

  • Gary L. Herren Pmd you Gary. Can you help me here?

  • I have some...need to see what I can dig up. What are your mods so far, if any... what kind of riding/racing do you do?

  • That's a lower compression LW head...ran good with a stock setup years ago

  • No racing besides trails and Ice. Really just looking to build a reliable motor while I have it apart.

  • It will control heat spikes and heat on long rides.... I run pumps and motorcycle or ATV radiators on my 350s

  • Thats pretty much what Im looking for. I go up to our land and run on and off all day. Like to make it more reliable.

  • Liquid cooling systems is the best thing to do just that. I have been running 350s since early 90s and currently have 8 or 9 350s. Not much I have not seen or done with them. If you have any questions during the rebuild, please ask...I like helping everyone I can.

  • Gary L. Herren Thanks for the offer. Ill defiantly take you up on that. Im in the middle of relieving the exhaust bridge and thinking I should just have my mechanist do it but Id like to be able to explain what I want to him clearly so its done right. Is it .004 at center of bridge and tapered to the ends?

  • Gary L. Herren This is what the last owner gave me to work with. So Im looking to avoid that as much as possible.

  • Gary L. Herren is your man when it comes to the fl350s, he is a mad scientist!

  • How much you looking to get Gary?

  • Gary is an awesome resource, definitely learn what you can from him!

  • Please send pics.. As another residing in upstate NY, I'm curious to see where in NYS you got it from.. I can't wait to see your final result.. ASC powder coating in Rensselaer did my frame and parts which came out nice.. I wasn't sure if your planning a full off frame restoration..

  • Chaz Petoff I found mine about a month ago in Guilderland just by chance. I responded to a CL add for a 350X motor and saw the FL just sitting in a basement/garage in parts. Needed assembly and the top end done. Ive never really been a full resto person. Im pretty rough on my bikes and always feel bad when I ruin them so I shoot more for reliability instead. Ill post some pics today. She's not purdy but what can you do.