Anyone able to recommend any bike valets Thinking I might treat the filthy...


Anyone able to recommend any bike valets? Thinking I might treat the filthy bitch to some much needed loving

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  • Your hands

  • I don't know any miracle workers mate sorry

  • I'll do it for £100 haha

  • The Polish down the road do an alright job for a 5r, but not sure if jet wash is any good for the 143

  • It's no good for the bike in general mate

  • I make sure they stand a few feet away, if that's any silver lining lol

  • I don't have the patience to do a proper job. 2 minutes with cold water and a sponge is all she gets

  • I always jet wash mine mate

  • Just dont let them put tyre shine on the tyres lol

  • I don't let them within 3 ft of the bike lol

  • 10r and the jobs yours

  • Hose hot water annnnnnnd

  • My cupboard

  • I don't have a hose. And hot water burns if I hold it in my hands

  • Bikes are easy to clean!! Coming from detailing cars, I was surprised when j actually had the whole day to ride it!

  • Well she's called Dirty Grom for good reason

  • He has done mine

  • Spray muc off all over the bike a good amount at that then jet wash the mother fucker off

  • Wicked cheers. Will drop him a messgae

  • Don't wanna get water in the 143 kit

  • You shouldn't if you put it on right

  • Karl fitted it for me.

    I used t jet wash occasionally when stock, but haven't since fitted the kit..

  • You won't get water in the engine mate :') jet wash is not good for bearings, chains and seals on the bike

  • I stand a few ft away and spray. So it's less powerful. That should help shouldn't it?

  • yeah mate as long as you dont do it straight on the engine and bearings its fine

  • Nah I'm a good few ft away, and don't direct it act engine or bearings.

  • Jack yours comes out perfect tbh

  • I blast mine with a jet wash fuck it