Anyone around Nottingham got a wheel bearing removal tool for a borrow


Anyone around Nottingham got a wheel bearing removal tool for a borrow

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  • I had mine out in less than 2 minutes.

    Smacked one side with a hammer, the inner sleeve dropped then drifted one side out with a drift and hammer, turn wheel over and do the other side.

    Used the old bearings to tap the new ones in.

  • Can't get purchase on the inner race from the opposite side, even with a flat blade screwdriver......

  • Hammer and a massive flat head. Push the inner sleeve aside till you can see the inner race

  • Wedge a bar or something against the inner spacer and tap the bar sideways that'll move it slightly off the bearing allowing you to get at the bearing ☺

  • No but do roll a Teal VTR in Nottm. We should get a VTR blast-ride on the go! :-D

  • You friends with Tracy Elliot?? Small world, she runs the training I go to

  • Yes Neal. Her future hubs to be is one of my best mates! Small world indeed lol!

  • Neal Prime the inner sleeve is just a wedge fit....smack one bearing inner with a hammer and the sleeve will drop. Like you I overcomplicated it the first time I changed my bearings.

  • Rawl bolt in one side....hit from t'other.

  • I like this vtr owners group, you never know who your gonna meet.

  • Not much chance in portugal though.

  • The inner sleeve did fool me, picked up the right tool for the job as I'm sure I'll use it again. Will also help re-fitting the bearings (or new ones if I'm feeling flush!) Next stop, Classic Coatings in Grantham for (hopefully) Carbon Gold Hydrodip........hmmmmm

  • Never re-fit bearings you have taken out ecspecialy if you take them out via the inner race :/ for the sake of £3 a bearing its just not worth the risk or extra work a few miles down the road. Oh and dont forget the inner spacer when you put the NEW bearings back in.. another hard learned lesson.