Anyone changed fork oil I ve been reading about 20 or 30 weight I know oem is...


Anyone changed fork oil?? I've been reading about 20 or 30 weight I know oem is 10 will 30 weight blow seals out??

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  • I changed mine out. No issues.

  • I had 30wt in mine, loved it

  • Pay someone to do it or do it myself?

  • Up to you. It's not complicated, just time consuming.

  • About how much time did it take you?

  • I couldn't say since it was a long time ago

  • You just have to remove the forks, pump out all the old oil and then fill with the new oil.

  • FYI- forks use 230ML of fluid

  • Yea the shop said 442ml 221ml per fork did you add a little extra??

  • Is there a fill line like engine oil?

  • Honda manual says 225ML to be exact. I stick to 230. And no, you can either measure air gap at the top or use a graduated cylinder

  • Air gap will be between 60-65mm

  • Graduated cylinder? Measure device?

  • Thanks for the help

  • Yep! use a measuring container that reads in ML.. that's honestly the easiest way after pumping out all the old fluid!