Anyone doing the smokey mountain crawl this year How was it last year if you...

Anyone doing the smokey mountain crawl this year? How was it last year if you went?

  • Done both years

  • So the ride is in townsend TN. Only issue with towns in Tennessee is after about 8 o'clock at night the town pretty much rolls up the sidewalks and shuts down. There is absolutely nothing to do in that townsend but gas stations the Dollar General and some restaurants. Only fun thing about staying in townsend soon as that's where most of the riders stay so you can bull s*** around and hang out with everybody at night. I sponsored it last year and with talks with mnnthbx they were working on trying to get restaurants in other places to stay open for extended hours.

  • From my past experience I like staying in Gatlinburg Tennessee because one it's a beautiful ride from Gatlinburg to Townsend Tennessee and from Townsend Tennessee back to Gatlinburg. I like that at night when you're done riding or after the ride when you want to go back to your hotel and take a shower you can walk out of your hotel and basically walk the streets of Gatlinburg all night shopping or sipping moonshine. Only thing that sucks is if it does decide the rain that morning if you didn't leave early enough it could make you late to ride out with the group for the crawl. First year I stayed in Gatlinburg second year I stayed in Townsend and I really believe I'm going to stay back in Gatlinburg again this year.

  • In going as of now. Hopefully nothing changes

  • I will be there with some of the nola crew. We have a cabin booked right across the street just about.

  • whats prices like in gattlinburg like

  • Had a blast and definitely worth the drive.

  • Plus they have a massive raffle.

  • We came with 20+ people from chicago should have more this year it was a definitely a great time so much fun that we all gettin there the beginning of the week instead of just the weekend so we have more time to ride

  • Doin' my damndest....with Michael Donaldson

  • Last I heard y'all was picking me up too

  • Last I checked.

  • We are going up there Wednesday early morning

  • About the same as it is in Townsend. The Microtel by Wyndham I think it's directly up the street from either sugarlands Distillery or Old Smoky Moonshine I think it's 125 for their sweet and that's a bedroom and a couch that pulls out to a bed

  • The problem is everybody was basically told that in Townsend Tennessee tell him you're basically there for the crawl in your post to get a discount but I don't think there was any discounts at all because the two queen bedroom I paid $125 a night for that and it wasn't that great of a room. Everybody says the best hotel so far in Townsend Tennessee with the Best Western.

  • ya im hotel shopping atm