Anyone else do the 4 degree advance

Anyone else do the 4 degree advance?

  • yes

  • I did that and stiffer clutch springs (Ebc) at the same time. Definitely worth the time.

  • Throttle response is excellent! Clutch springs were a must for me after the mod, kept slipping in fifth.

  • Just curious are you pulling the pulse reluctor bracket and oblong the holes to do the timing mod? I've seen some how to's but didn't see anyone with a timing light to show they are exactly 4 degrees.

  • yes that is what we do and yes wit out a light so do we all get a exact 4deg no but it helps alot

  • awe ok.

  • I did the whole clutch assembly and the advance while I was in there

  • Is the Clutch assembly nessasary for the timing mod? or just preventive maintanence while you are there.

  • well you are there deal. i would for sure at least do the heavy springs the dirt cheap

  • I did the clutch because it was slipping. The mod was extra