Anyone else think it s time for a new hoodie


Anyone else think it's time for a new hoodie

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  • dont think that comment was needed Buster.....

  • I was being polite? Next time I can be rude if you like

  • hardly call that being polite, sort of a back handed compliment?

  • Like I said it was a kind gesture, if you don't like the way I worded it that's your problem not mine because frankly I could not give a fuck in the slightest

  • wow your such a gent....

  • Only polite to those who deserve it darling

  • lets be fair.. you dont even know me, so how can you know if i am deserving?

  • Due to commenting when you were not needed to.. Hardly polite yourself

  • sticking up for someone when i felt like a comment was out of order... your on Facebook. its a public post, therefor anyone can comment..

  • Well as you saw I said it was a good gesture if you didn't like it you didn't need to say it, there's a lot of stuff I would love to say but I don't