• Anyone ever have their baffles come out

    Anyone ever have their baffles come out?

    • I can't do that. The bottom one broke completely

    • Dam. That sucks.. just under $300 and you'll get the real thing lol

    • Mine are loud as hell with them on lol

    • I'll be getting cobra pipes soon.

    • I got drag pipes and can't get the baffles out I want it louder

    • Hole saw

    • If it dosent want to stay it wasnt meant to be lol

    • Hole saw is best and chip solution

    • What's the dim on the rear tire?

    • Mine didn't come with baffles. I have the same ones. Straight shots I think they are called.

    • Take the other one out too

    • Can't remember. I'll go out and take a look later today..