Anyone ever swapped the chain and sprockets over for a belt Like they have on...

Anyone ever swapped the chain and sprockets over for a belt? Like they have on Harley's.

  • If I was more technically minded I'd give it a go.

  • It's a good way to learn! How much would a few motorcycle mechanics lessons cost at a college? More than £20 I bet. I hadn't opened an engine until I rebuilt my MSX into a 209cc motor from the crank up. First time for everything! I'd do it myself but a) I'm saving pennies for the new house and b) I don't have an MSX to practice on!

  • I know someone has! Possibly on the honda grom page.

  • ^^This :)

  • I'd never done an oil change before a few months ago. I'm willing to learn but I'm not capable of stripping the total engine yet.

  • I've asked the seller for a couple of basic dimensions. Unfortunately the front defo won't fit straight on, but there should be space for an adaptor (that would need fabricating). The rear might actually fit straight on if we're lucky!

  • I reckon if we got an old lump from something took it apart and stripped it down the rebuilt it we could learn a shedload mate its like we say its just time patience space and tools

  • Wait... Wha? You're chief technician!

  • Don't even bother. Chains lose the least amount of power, belts loose so much power transfer, it's okay on big 833 Harley's ect but on a grom it will kill the bike.

  • Hp loss on grom? No one wants that

  • Ah ok that makes sense.

    Got loads of people saying don't do it, but when I ask why, they can't give me an answer...

    At least now I know why haha

  • Got a reply on those GPZ305 pulleys. They're the only things roughly the right size without going custom. Distance between centres rear - 66mm; Narrowest diameter inside splines - 22mm; Bolt spacing - 50mm. As you can see, none of these are an easy match up. You'd need custom brackets front and rear. Might as well just get some custom industrial pulley made up. All in all, a lot of trouble to go to.

  • Yeah seems a lot of hassle, not worth the effort if no better than chain drive