Anyone familiar with wiring these up The only thing I have got working is the...


Anyone familiar with wiring these up? The only thing I have got working is the turn signals I can't figure out the wiring

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  • Use the link Darby posted. I also have a post from when I did it. Here's what I came up with.

  • Ok so I have everything working but I'm lost on setting the calibration I followed the instruction on chuckus life but I can't get the numbers to pop up

  • This is what I found on YouTube because the one I have looks identical but is slightly different from the one on chuckuslife.

  • Do you have a link to that video

  • check the comments for better instructions.

  • Im so lost lol mine doesn't get power until it's started

  • Mine turns on when I turn the key. I have it hooked up to switched power which I may be wrong but I think it's constant and there's also ignition power. Check out the first picture I posted with the wiring.

  • Did you ever figure out the tach wire?

  • I spliced the pulse wire. I got everything working perfectly except for setting the odometer.

  • So what does the blue/white wire hook up to then?

  • Brandon Mathis if your gauge doesn't come on until the scooter starts, you have it wired wrong. You need the main power to a switched 12VDC circuit and the memory wire to a constant 12VDC circuit so it will save your settings.

  • Ok I'm going to double check it all tomorrow I'm not used to wiring this is all new to me

  • Do you have a multimeter? Not all Chuckus brands use the same wiring color codes. Testing the wires and making some notes is the only 100% sure-fire way to know what you are working with.

  • I believe I got everything line out. Now just got the calibrate the speedometer

  • Awesome, let us know how it goes. That's the only thing I haven't done yet. Let me know if you used the directions I posted from YouTube.

  • Mine is different I have a 3 digit number the fuel gauge number and the stroke number which those 2 or set right just got to set the first one

  • I'm battling wiring myself....anyone got a link to a wiring diagram. I can't find one on

  • If you check the comment that Darby made earlier, the link takes you to the wiring diagram. I also posted the the diagram in an earlier comment.

  • Oh sweet, thanks man...stupid me didn't click on the link...

  • There's a how2 on

  • Make a video man

  • There will never be a 100% accurate "this color on the gauge goes to this color on the scooter wiring harness" method because there are multiple manufacturers of this gauge and multiple manufacturers of Chuckus wiring harnesses.

    There is no industry standard color coding for Chinese scooter wiring. If you want to get the job done right, you will need a multimeter and the ability to use it. I wrote the original tutorial sitting at my workbench with a spare battery and my meter.

  • I just got the one. I ordered n i have a diagram at home will post once im hime

  • I got mine all work but I can't get the speedo calibrated