• Anyone fitted 181 cc kit to their bike yet much power difference

    Anyone fitted 181 cc kit to their bike yet much power difference ??

    • All depends how much power you want and how log you want it to last.

      Starting to think from the threads on the US board that it's less about the bbk capacity and more about the power (heat) output of the kit as they all seem to melt the head gasket between the cylinder and cam chain tunnel.

      Maybe there's a safe line around 15hp, get greedy over that and you'll pay for it? Even so, not heard of the takegawa 4v kits failing and they have more power than most.

    • takegawa don't ues crap gasteks like finbro kits do.. so no problems with this kit

    • I did the takegawa 143cc instead, but the parts were all high quality and everything went together perfectly. You should be happy with it.

    • How many miles have u done on ur kits

      I got the 181 done 300 miles

    • Got the Takegawa 143 loads better low down & no problems at all i went for the 143 for reliability

    • Top speed get higher?

    • Top speed the same maybe 1 or 2mph higher. But much more responsive on pick up + the bottom end can handle the extra power no problem

    • Are you on stock gearing?

    • Two teeth bigger on the back

    • Puzzled why you would go two bigger on the back. Suggest you go one bigger on the front or two less on the back surely?

    • 143cc is the tits

    • Paul Evans that would work for better top end and cruising speeds but ive gone two up at the back, one down at the front for wheelies lol maybe he did it for the same reason. Have to say its a fucker for commuting on now... but i have a lot of fun at low speeds

    • 4v

    • "Tits" is the new "dogs bollox"? I've been out of the country too long :-)

    • Done 4K now, 2k of that two's up on motorway

    • Thanks for ur reply

      Standerd con rod and that

    • Yeah haven't split the motor yet. Will strip it soon to check the camchain rollers and big end. All I did was put a taki camchain in and run decent oil changed regularly

    • Ya same mate apart from camchain

    • Gets to top end nice & quick would have triuble pulling top end on stock gearing when it was 125cc & the roads where i live are all twists & turns its rare for me to need to be flat out

    • Just finished my 183 kit yesterday. Can't wait to get it out and broken in. The gawa kit looks to be made from top quality stuff. My finbro kit is extremely good too. But heat is its biggest enemy. If you spring for the Kitaco cover with external oil cooler you should be fine. I went from a turbo stock block to an all motor bbk so I am anxious to see what differences there are.

      On a side note 4v heads around here have been grenading left and right due to cam chain failures. Not sure if it's too much stress with the added springs. But if you do go 4v it seems to be the ideal change is a beefy cam chain. Take gawa I believe offers this chain

    • Martyn Hawkes