Anyone fitted heated grips to their standard bars. Honda wanted nearly 170


Anyone fitted heated grips to their standard bars? Honda wanted nearly £170 (2 hours labour) for fitting. Laughed at them and they said they would do it for an hour. Something like they had to grind standard bars down?

Would I be better off buying another set of bars to fit myself?

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  • I've got them bud as had in store credit just didn't wanna waste on fitting. Cheers

  • £50 delivered with throttle tube

  • No worries

  • All I'd say is if you want to change bars I'd do it before you install the heated grips I've done mine and my mates with no issue maybe 45 minutes cleaning the wireing etc

  • I've inboxed you

  • I fitted these great for deflecting the wind rain etc easy to fit

  • Thats the ones I got but sports grip. Not a huge deal of difference.

  • Think the sports ones are a bit thinner for feel. But as you say they do the same job.

  • I fitted to mine to a Kitaco QAT. Smooth so easy fit and faster throttle as well

  • Why do things all backwards?

    What is it that's cold & needing heated?...

    So heat what's cold - not the bars that are then insulated from your hands by gloves ...

    Iv never quite got this backwards way of the heating the handle bars - heat the gloves - direct heat to your hands!.

    You wouldn't turn on the kitchen heater to warm up the bedroom...

  • I feel sorry for the grips, they need to be warm

  • I fitted R&G ones ! Took me 30mins? Hardest part is the standard bar ends

  • Got Oxford grips on mine clutch end straight on throttle end a bit wider so have to file down the plastic tube under the original throttle grip.

  • Heated grips on an MSX don't wok to their full potential as the 3.7A battery is just too tiny. I fitted the same heated grips on my MSX and then on a CBR (Honda grips incidentally that I paid £100 for). On the CBR the grips were so hot it was unbearable through summer gloves and could cope with a 2 hour motorway journey in the middle of winter. On the MSX the same grips were OK around town (never as hot as when on CBR) but almost hopeless on the same 2 hour winter journey (The grips needed 4A). I tried 3A Oxford heated grips and the outcome was similar (way better on the bike with the bigger battery).

  • Heated gloves are sooo much better (I've tried both). Edit. Richard Skinner, sorry I just re read that you already have the grips so ignore my "no use to you" comment.

  • Fitted scooter heated grips on mine 2 settings took side panel off wired to battery directly throttle needed filing down clutch side went on easy