Anyone fitted the longer fairing

Anyone fitted the longer fairing?

  • Sooo Rob the theifs advice is.... Get all the brackets on the right way and in the right places bear in mind I got it wrong twice befor getting it right... Dint tighten them tho just do them all lose... Then put the panels on from the top to the bottom if that makes sense? If soo then apply all the screws losely then line it up and tighten as u go .... Big bit of advice is use some rubber or nylon washer on each screw (not the bolts that go in the engine) just the screws... It helps with less vibration and stops things from cracking

  • Cheers will give it ago tomorrow, shame there's no video, no as easy as I though lol

  • Mate if I had the time... I would take mine apart and show u from scratch lol.... I done wills just from pictures

  • No not yet but will in the next couple of weeks so let me know how you get on please

  • It's quite straight forward once you get the brackets in the right place, if you get stuck either myself or Rob can probably help. Like he said he done mine just from pics I sent him and I got it straight on without any major issues

  • Cheers

  • Could you send me some pic please? Especially, where about's each bracket goes

  • I'll send them later when I finish work bud

  • Thanks bud

  • Sent via message matey

  • Any questions feel free to ask and I'll help as much as I can

  • I can tomorrow Bro it's a little late now

  • Sent him the ones I had that I got off Lee when I bought the kit

  • Okay mate cool

  • What about this hole?

  • All done

  • Good

  • I'll have to take a look at mine tomorrow but I don't think mine has those hole, Rob does yours have these holes bud?

  • Actually I've just realised where those holes are and yes mine does have those holes, I put a screw through those holes and through the fairing on the bike with a locking plate behind

  • Glad you got it sorted mate, look forward to seeing some pics

  • I done the Same William... Because they have no use lol