anyone got a honda msx engine for sale

anyone got a honda msx engine for sale ?

  • Oops

  • Any idea what caused it? How long where you redlining it down that hill? What's the valves like?

  • On a more positive note at least you can still see the hone marks :)

  • Is that a valve mark opposite to your finger on the corner?

  • valves are alright, was redlining for a while lol

  • How long is a while. Lol. Like 5 _ 10 secs?

  • 5-10 seconds isnt long

  • Was curious as to how much abuse it would take. I hit redline everytime just don't hold it pinned so it's bouncing for more than a couple of secs and considering his msx is on around 7k it's still newish. Even has the honeing marks still :/

  • I've removed my limiter but guess I won't be doing the 12,500rpm for long

  • How you remove limiter ?

  • Fuel controller

  • Gavin Robinson what you put on ?

  • Fitted an api fc

  • Cheers

  • If you want me to show you it go straight past where the limiter was let me know ill film it tomorrow

  • Iv got dynojet power commander but still think it limited !

  • Wouldn't think that from dynojet, sure there's no jumper connection you can remove

  • What model dynojet?

  • Power commander 5

  • I did look into the 5 as I use to have same on my gsxr but couldn't find anything about the limiter , I only paid £45 for the api so win win for little gains

  • Mine on 14200+ and bouncing everyday haha

  • The power commander is limited (slight raise from stock to 9700) but you can go here ocuments/rev_xtend.pdf print and fill in the disclaimer then fax it back and they'll send you a key to unlock it.

  • Lee Parks I'v done that still think it limited , going on dyno next week sort it out

  • There's one on gumtree in London £300

  • these engines redlined every day of there lives guess its how there ridden new ?

  • Got a link?