• Anyone got a standard front brake caliper they wanna sell

    Anyone got a standard front brake caliper they wanna sell ??

    • Have you tried bensbikes lol

    • Yes Ben. Off a red one I just bought. Brembo going on.

    • Hahaha ill take it !!!

      Dan Ddm has a 4Pot Brembo and Takegawa Bracket for sale if your after one :D

    • I'll take it off tomorrow (weather permitting) and get it in the post. Don't bother with anything as sordid as cash, put my account in credit.

    • Cool send me them retainers also ;)

      Bens Bikes

      The Rear of 4-6

      Nuxley Road




    • Will do. I've just taken the caliper off and given it a bit of a clean and plugged the fluid entry. I'll let it dry and box it up tomorrow and send it on its way.

    • Iv got some in the shed if need anymore Ben Harman !

    • What parts you got Martin ??

      Drop me a message :-)

    • Has Dan still got the 4 pot for sale

    • Dan Ddm ^^

    • Yes

    • How much mate any pics

    • 180 with bracket

    • Why you selling it

    • I wanna run matching discs and it don't run with ebc wavey disc

    • What's it like over standard

    • Do I really need to explain that lol think about it

    • 4pot over 1pot lol

    • Cool

    • I have this set up and the difference is night n day. Stronger braking more feel. And £180 is cheap

    • Ok I will have it

    • Ok well I'll get back to u as got someone else ask me before u. Let u know