Anyone got a steath dash cam type setup on their bike Something that is not...

Anyone got a steath "dash-cam" type setup on their bike?? Something that is not noticeable without close inspection. Not so much for riding videos, but more for proof, if needed, in case of an incident. If so, what have you used, where have you mounted?

  • Rrp 600

  • awesome. Cheers, will do some spec hunting. don't have a big budget, but don't want to go down the cheapest and most blatent *helmet-cam* route. A cam seen and noticed by a police officer, after perhaps a minor indiscretion, could be confiscated and cause more issues.

  • I can see what they cost me if you were interested I wouldn't know until tomorrow as I only have email contact , I remember the one I saw was about 250 without cameras on another site.

  • My mate uses a small bullet camera fitted on the mirror but could also be fitted under the headlight fairing area and be stealth. I use the helmet camera.

  • Thanks all. I've decided to go with a Innovv C3. Bullet cam very much like the one Henry posted, remote waterproof lens, and seperate recorder. Can be hardwired, and set for auto record / looping. Good bang for the buck as far as a simple 1080p safety / insurance cam goes. On special at the moment for about $70 at gearbest .com. Thinking i'll mount it under the nose. :)

  • An excellent choice sir! I have mine hardwired to the live on the rear light (spliced into the brown wire) so wheb the ignition is on the camera is recording. Make sure you turn the motion detect off though!! The recording unit is far from waterproof but does well sat with the battery where it isnt affected by wind noise but does pick up the beautiful exhaust note as you coast along :D