• Anyone got a stunt gear for sale

    Anyone got a stunt gear for sale?

    • Got engine cages

    • Could sell you my 12 bar

    • I've got a subcage I can sell but it's at my mates I can't get it till 3weeks

    • The engine cage isit just a stunt cage or just aftermarket bobbins

    • Nah u keep that Charlie ur guna learn to wheelie!!! U have to!!

    • I know I need it , but ideally I want one of this subcages with the 12 bar + pegs lol

    • Full on engine cage

    • Yeah that's what I want mate..

    • So its like jacks and the other guys?

    • No it's a proper cage for the engine

    • Ohh then nahh .. That's not what I want lol

    • Rob that engine cage Dave has is easily the best quality I've seen... Doesn't stick out as far as jacks/Ross/Toby's so it's easier for daily riding/filtering etc

      I wanted one soon as they were talked about but job circumstances mean it's gotta wait

    • Yeah there cool... But not what I'm looking for Tinson cheers tho pal

    • This what you want

    • Yes!!

    • I dont think it'll fit with the fairing kit I have tho