• anyone got any advice for getting the bolts nuts loose to change the rear...

    anyone got any advice for getting the bolts/nuts loose to change the rear sprocket????? it's so tight, it is ridiculous. Any help would be appreciated.

    • Massive breaker bar ??

    • That ice spray stuff and a heat gun.

    • I'll definitely give it a go. Cheers greg

    • Will give that a go too cheers mate

    • I used the vice on my work bench to hold the old sprocket tight, then used a ring spanner to loosen them. A little WD40 also helps.

    • Oxy torch

    • Rattle gun works a treat.

    • Ring spanner and rubber hammer just make sure ur going right way, ie to the left,

    • Spray with wd40 then tighten alittle then loosen

    • Single hex socket & breaker bar & as above hold assembly in vice

    • Impact driver/wrench drill